Unser Smart-Katalog-Service:

  • Business-Life-Style-Katalog neutral
  • Business-Life-Style-Katalog mit Ihrem
    Eindruck auf der Titelseite
  • Neutrale Industriepreisliste

Unser Smart-Online-Service:

  • Kostenlose Nutzung des neutralen
    Internet-Shops (Link auf Ihrer Homepage)
  • Neutraler Link zum neutralen
  • Produktdaten-Excel-Tabellen zum schnellen
    Einpflegen der Produkte in Ihren
  • CD-Rom mit allen Daten zur freien Verfügung

Our Smart-Catalogue-Service

  • You want to distribute the gift-catalogue in your language directly to the companies ...
    We are able to print the gift-catalogue in your language and
    print the cover in your individual CI. Please ask for details.
  • You issue your own catalogue...
    You can order our high-resolution pictures for free.
  • You have got an individual website (shop)...
    You can order our low-resolution pictures for free.
  • Items are always on stock...
    You do not need any stock.
    We will send the orders very quickly.
  • Not to compare...
    All the items are very exclusively and cannot
    be compared. This fact gives you the
    possibility to make a good margin.